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Penelope Silver Master Ene​rgy Healer & Spiritual Coach

Disco​ver what total wellness can do for you.

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Welcome to Penelope Silver

A multi-award winning Master Energy Healer and Wellbeing Coach for frazzled women,

 who have everything yet feel unfulfilled, are willing to take inspired action for their dreams and believe in their 

ability to improve their wellbeing, determined to create their own vision of success and find their true life purpose.

Client Testimonial

Penny is a miracle worker. She was recommended to me by Matt who advised me I needed her help, oh he was so right! Everybody works on bettering themselves on the outside but we are all guilty of forgetting what vibes we give out from inside. I didn’t tell my friends what I was doing to see if they recognised a difference and they did! They said they could see a more confident relaxed lady whose a lot happier in her own skin. Thanks Penny for your continued help and support I don’t know what I’d do without you now.

Tracy Worrall