Penelope Silver
Wellbeing Coach & Reiki Master

May Every Sunrise Hold More Promise and Every Sunset Hold More Peace

Hi, I'm Penelope Silver.

A Multi Award-Winning Healer, Medical Intuitive & Wellbeing Coach 
empowers women to start their healing journey 
with me and create a life they love.

A Reiki Master and Wellbeing Coach for frazzled professionals, 
who have everything yet feel unfulfilled, are willing to take inspired 
action for their dreams and believe in their ability to improve their 
wellbeing, determined to create their own vision of success and 
find their true life purpose.

All too often in today‚Äôs current fast paced living I see women who are buckling under the stress created in everyday life, their energy has become blocked and unbalanced. 

I help successful women overcome the high internal expectations they've set for themselves and find
inner peace so they can lead a balanced life.

Now based in Alderley Edge but covering Bramhall and Cheshire, here at One Aesthetic Studio , I use combined Reiki energy with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to realign and re-balance my clients, this unique combination can release blockages that have formed over years of stress and life events which have created crisis in the physical body. 

I also recommend mindfulness and meditation in my treatments, I work with you to show you how this can be practised between our treatments. 

Reiki, in particular, is a unique form of therapy, its goal is to improve the flow of life energy in your entire being and restore balance and peace.

As a Wellbeing Coach, I create bespoke empowering, self-care journeys for each client to create a life you finally feel in control of.

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