Penelope Silver

Penelope Silver - My Spiritual Journey

They say that either Reiki finds you or you are drawn to it when it is needed. In my case, this was very true. Around 10 years ago, I had been telling a friend about my lack of progress with counselling, following a major life upheaval. She recommended a lady for Reiki healing, who had also taught her. I could see that my friend had a new positivity and glow about her since learning this technique. I had received a Reiki treatment many years before however, but the benefits hadn't been explained to me. So, with a very inquisitive mind and eager for inner peace, I booked an appointment. I have always been drawn to Holistic Therapies but didn't know why.

Reiki had found me at a time of crisis. And so my spiritual journey began. I went for Reiki treatments once a week. She explained everything to me in great detail and, all of a sudden, it made perfect sense! The Practitioner used a hands-on method of Reiki, which I find much more comforting and is the same method I use today with my own clients. I responded so positively to these treatments; the sickly, knotty and nervous feeling in my stomach for years, disappeared as if by magic and I became much more peaceful. 

Having worked for many years in the corporate world and a single mother of two young children, I realised even though our daily routine was achieving results, I wasn't actually living or being present in the moment with my precious girls. So, it is with great passion and calling that I practise the skills I have learnt along my spiritual path. It was then I knew that I needed to carry out Reiki myself and set up Blossom Wellbeing in Bramhall, Cheshire...

The Marvels of Meditation

Meditation, for me, has also been life-changing. Within two weeks of my starting Reiki and meditating, my counsellor signed me off. She said that the change in me was incredible! I was calmer, more peaceful, accepting of my situation and much more balanced; my outlook on life also became much more positive.

I have come to accept the negative thoughts I had been holding onto for so long and take them for what they were, something that happened in the past. I was hooked on meditation and it deepened my awareness of who I actually am. I began to finally feel awake, alive, like myself and happy in my own skin. I noticed that I was dealing with stress and everyday life differently too.

Experiencing EFT

My parents are dental professionals and have to do continuous training to be able to practice. They went on a course called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I had never heard of it but my mother called me during the training. She was so convinced it was something I would be excited about that she ended up enrolling me on the next course! I read up a little about it and I have to say, I was very sceptical...

I showed up on the day with an open mind. Helena was an amazing teacher. I was captivated by what I was hearing. I was eager to put her claims to the test. You tap on acupressure points to release energy blockages, whilst saying negative and then positive statements. Helena asked if anyone was experiencing any physical pain at that moment. I had a split disc in my L4 region of my back, which was throbbing. Helena set up the tapping sequence with a specific statement about the pain and within two rounds of tapping, the pain had disappeared and she commented on the look of surprise on my face. I told her that it must be a coincidence, but I was astounded by the instant results and I knew immediately that I had to pass this on to the world, so Blossom Wellbeing was born!

Pursuing My Passion

My thirst for personal and spiritual development is growing daily. I am so passionate and focused on reducing stress, promoting relaxation and positivity, removing negative past learnt beliefs and creating a more positive outlook on life. 

I am very lucky and grateful to have inspiring mentors and I am committed to my own continued professional development. I practise Reiki, EFT, Meditation, Mindfulness  and yoga on myself daily and regularly attend meetings, talks, lectures to enhance my skills and knowledge further. 

I am a current member of The Guild of Holistic Therapists.

I am fully insured with Towergate Insurance.

It is my intention to study continuously. I am currently training for my Reiki Master/Teacher level and EFT Level 3 (advanced).


EFT -  Level 1 (2010)

EFT -  Level 2 (2010)

EFT - Level 2 Accreditation (2017)

EFT -  Level 3 Advanced (2018)

Mindfulness (2017)

Reiki - Level 1 (2014)

Reiki - Level 2 (2014)

Reiki Master (2017)

Reiki - Level 1 (2018) - Beechwood Cancer Care Centre

Hopi Ear Candle Practitioner Diploma (2017)

Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma (2018)

Mind Body Coach Diploma (2018)

Masced Accreditation (Melanoma & Skin Cancer early detection) (2018)

I hold a Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate and am cleared to work with children.

Helping women achieve peace and harmony is my goal. Thank you for sharing in my journey. Namaste.

Complementary therapies are not an alternative to seeking medical advice, always see your GP first if you have signs and symptoms of illness. If you have a serious medical condition you may be asked to obtain permission from your medical practitioner before a treatment may be given.