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Here at Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire, in Bramhall.  I will update this page with the latest details about the various developments and evolving treatments I am undertaking. I will also upload posts about my loyal clients and talk about the benefits they have received from my healing Reiki energy, EFT and fertility services.

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The "Mane Attraction" Hair Event

Posted on 25 June, 2019 at 0:25 Comments comments (0)

"The Mane Attraction" event takes place at One Studio, Alderley from 7 -9 pm, Thursday 4th July.


This is a ticket only event with all profits going to Ward 84 Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity.


You may have seen on ITV's This Morning show recently, hair loss is a hot topic at the minute.

Penelope Silver Wellbeing brings together a group of experts - including

Penelope Silver (emotional wellbeing),

Ed Mascarenhas (hairdresser to the stars),

Laura Bacon (celebrity wig maker) and

Eva Proudman (consultant trichologist)

-to inform, empower and discuss hair challenges in 2019 and how we make a difference to peoples lives.


It is always Penelope's intention to cover aspects of mind, body and soul and combining medical and alternative practices.


Come along and learn from outstanding experts in the field of hair about various different tips, tricks and techniques for stimulating hair growth, creating beautiful, more manageable, healthy, shiny hair and an introduction to new hair systems available.


This event is open to all (men and women of all ages with all hair challenges).


There are only 10 tickets left, so please book early to avoid disappointment, £15pp all profits to charity.

Book Ticket Now!

My Wellbeing Tips for Exam time!

Posted on 20 May, 2019 at 4:15 Comments comments (0)

Good luck to everyone starting their exams today!

Charlotte and her friends start their year 9 summer exams; today she has music & biology.

I have clients commencing their A-Levels today too.



Stay calm. My daughter and her friends have all gone armed with little bottles of essential oils today to their exams, to help alleviate various feelings and to keep them peaceful, motivated and focussed!

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You’ve heard me say it before many times!


Answer all the questions, even if you aren’t sure on the answer.


One I used to slip up on... read the question properly! Make sure you are answering what they have asked for, not what you think it says.


Keep an eye on the time ... I used to get lost in answering essay questions... I love writing novels for hours and hours on end... not so good if you only have 30 minutes left of the exam! Make sure you get all your relevant points across in a clear, concise and timely manner. Enjoy your exams... exams are a marker for all the knowledge you have learnt over the past few years. The more relaxed you can be the, it will be to recall everything you have been taught.


In our house, we used colour coded mind maps; the girls visualise the mind maps in their heads during exams and can recall big chunks of information this way.


Another technique Charlotte finds particularly useful; if she feels fear, anxiety or frustration rising is to take a moment and come back to the breath. She closes her eyes just for less than a minute and imagines herself walking down a path by the side of a river. She crosses the river to the right and goes into her dream home. Inside the house is a library, and all her books and teachers are waiting inside. She then goes up to the relevant teacher and asks them the question, and they give her the answer or show it to her in a book. Sometimes she may have to do this a few times before she gets the response. Calming the mind allows her to more easily access the information stored in her subconscious mind.


If you do feel the panic rising, remember to use the eft techniques I have taught you. In an exam, stay with taping on the side of the hand and gently and quietly so as not to disturb the other candidates.


Believe in yourself and finally... do your best.

That’s all anyone can ask!


I am sending you love & light & positive vibes!

Workplace Wellbeing at Quint Group Macclesfield for Learning at Work and Mental Health Awareness week

Posted on 18 May, 2019 at 7:35 Comments comments (0)

This morning I was warmly welcomed by Quint Group in Macclesfield to talk about wellbeing as part of their Learning at Work and Mental Health Awareness week programme.


Quint is hugely invested in their employees' health and wellbeing, and it was terrific to hear about all the learning activities they had planned for the staff. My favourite is the newly created Zen room, which was diffusing an inspiring blend!

I spoke about two of my favourite topics; sleep and anxiety and how to effectively manage them.

I then went on to discuss how Reiki can help with sleep & how EFT & the use of essential oils may be beneficial to managing emotions in the workplace.


We also covered the different types of meditation and how best to improve our meditation skills.


It was great to see the audience joining in and sharing a few of their previous experiences of Reiki.


Thank you to Quint for inviting me to speak, and I look forward to returning very soon for more exciting topics!


If you are interested in finding out more about the Workplace Wellbeing services I offer, please do get in touch 07736314197 or [email protected]



Meet The Experts evening at One Aesthetic Studio hosted by our Medical Director Dr Jonquille Chantrey.

Posted on 18 May, 2019 at 6:50 Comments comments (0)

I was honoured to be asked to be one of five expert panel members talking about Mental Health Awareness and Body Image at the "Meet The Experts" event last night.

Miss Jonquille Chantrey spoke about her vision for blending not only the physical appearance and good health but also mental and spiritual well-being.


I found it so interesting to listen not only to the other experts' different views on the topic but also the audiences.


What I loved about the event was how open, honest and raw everyone was about their mental health or spiritual awakening journeys.


Miss Chantrey has created a unique, safe and welcoming space in the One Studio where complete strangers feel instantly comfortable to open up about their inner most feelings.


The room spoke collectively and authentically about the pressure of social media and the great lengths people go to achieve the perfect shot.


It was truly, inspiring to see how receptive everyone was to working towards positive mindsets, self-care and love, good mental health, mindfulness and self-acceptance.



The Marvels of Manuka Honey

Posted on 18 May, 2019 at 6:40 Comments comments (0)

Manuka honey is a type of honey native to New Zealand. 

This particular high strength one comes from @amaranth_uk in Bramhall £29.99

I was first introduced to Manuka honey by my Father, who is a Dental Surgeon when I was a very young girl. 

Dad told me how Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties are what make it different from regular honey. (Although he uses local honey for hay fever.)

He says it contains and an active ingredient called Methylglyoxal, which is responsible for these antibacterial effects.

Manuka honey has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, which makes it super special!

It has natural antibiotic properties (although it doesn’t contain the antibiotics we generally know of).

In gum disease, it produces hydrogen peroxide when applied to the gums, which also kills bacteria which causes infections.

Taken in a hot orange and honey drink (for a sore throat) it is soothing and tastes delightful!

Interestingly, it is now being put into plasters too.

Mum had an open wound on her shin for 3 months, which wouldn’t heal. On one of her regular trips to see the nurse to have the wound redressed, mum mentioned Manuka honey, to which the nurse replied they had dressings with Manuka in them! Within 48hrs of applying Manuka honey the wound had healed over! 

I am currently using it for my youngest daughter, who has constant, recurring tonsilitis, and she is getting great relief with it.

Manuka honey may help alleviate symptoms of other things too (tummy related). However, there are some cautions with it (diabetics, babies), so if you have any concerns as your medical practitioner first.

Comment below if you love Manuka honey, what and how you have used it for below xxx

New Year, New Home!

Posted on 15 January, 2019 at 14:00 Comments comments (0)

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, peaceful 2019!

I am thrilled to announce my first piece of exciting news for 2019!


On 10th January, I joined the team at ØNE studio in Alderley Edge working alongside one of the UK's Leading Aesthetic Surgeons, Dr Jonquille Chantrey.

Together with her award-winning team of practitioners and specialists, they have created a unique, intimate and exclusive practice for you.

ØNE aesthetic studiø blends not only physical appearance and good health but also mental and spiritual well-being.


Appointments are available with me; every Thursday 10am-7pm & Friday 10am-5pm; for Reiki EFT and Wellbeing Coaching.

Please click to book your appointment or email [email protected]

Blossom Wellbeing Is The Talk Of Manchester!

Posted on 15 January, 2019 at 13:50 Comments comments (0)

Last November brought me my biggest success of 2018 yet!

I was awarded a Special Commendation for Best Health, Beauty & Wellbeing Business in The Talk of Manchester Business Awards!

It took me a few days for the news to settle in, I have been floating around on could 9, as I was in a category with doctors, dentists, other very well established & multi-million pound companies!

It's is such a good feeling when you are recognised for all the inner strength, hard work, focus and energy that made the success happen.

I would like to congratulate all the other winners and say a HUGE thank you to all my clients, family and friends who voted and made this award possible for me.

As Blossom approaches its 2nd Birthday; to all those women way over 40, single-nearly divorced mummies, who have a dream burning inside them... just go for it!

You never know where your journey may lead you...

Burnt Out to Blissed Out

Posted on 20 October, 2018 at 5:00 Comments comments (0)

One thing that helps me flourish (and keeps me sane) as a modern, single, working mummy is meditation. It is one of the best tools, I have learnt and a core component of my life and business.


Psychology Today says;

"Meditation is the practice of turning your attention to a single point of reference. It can involve focusing on the breath, on bodily sensations, or on a word or phrase known as a mantra. In other words, meditation means turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment. Meditating is deceptively simple."


I like to meditate twice a day once, first thing in the morning to give me an energy boost to start the day and then just before my evening meal, to reset my energy as I go into the evening.


It's especially useful as a boost when I have been looking at my laptop screen too long too, and my eyes are tired and sore or I"m feeling frazzled.


I usually meditate for either 10/20 minutes at a time, which is very manageable, I have even been known to meditate in the car on my lunch break!


Sometimes I repeat a mantra, sometimes I listen to a guided meditation, or sometimes I will sit in total silence.


I also use mindfulness meditation with my EFT clients during treatments.

For those new to meditation, I highly recommend the FREE 21 Day meditation experiences with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, as it's the closest thing to Transcendental Meditation I have found.


This latest series is called Energize Your Life: Secrets for a Youthful Spirit. and it starts on Monday, 29th October, 2018.

You can register via this link Energize Your Life: Secrets for a Youthful Spirit 

"Are you ready to reclaim the energy of youth, so you can enjoy daily experiences more fully—accomplishing more with less effort? Join Deepak on a journey to maximise energy, live a healthier lifestyle, and tap into your inner youth, no matter your chronological age. Explore a unique mind-body-spirit approach so that you can shift your awareness to the most vital qualities of youth: freshness, open to possibilities, playfulness, and joy. Youth is not skin-deep; it is soul-deep. Find your way to the ever-present, boundless source of energy and lightness of being inside of you" Deepak Chopra


I recommend this to all my clients, and the challenge is beautifully produced, easy to follow and about ten mins long, so extremely easy to fit into a busy schedule.


If you are looking for a powerful stress buster meditation is for you. Regular practice results in decreased anxiety and depression reduced insomnia.


Comment below with your personal experiences of practising meditation or tag a friend who would benefit from trying these meditations.

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

Posted on 17 October, 2018 at 5:20 Comments comments (0)

Have you ever been in a relationship where you knew you were desperately unhappy, but you couldn't put your finger on why?

A relationship where you loved that person so much you would have done anything for them and were blinded by that love?


But there was a constant niggling, that something just wasn't right, you were both going in different directions and no matter how hard you tried to fix that situation the further apart you seemed to drift.


You felt like you had no choice but to carry on, but there is always a choice. In the end, it comes down to carrying on the illusion or taking back your soul and reconstructing your life.


The reality of it is your spirit is way stronger than you can ever imagine and when you come to accept this all the things that aren't working in your life have to fall away, to make room for the new.


This is SO scary, the thought of leaving your whole life behind, everything you ever wanted, to start again, totally new from scratch you already know how vulnerable and afraid this is going to make you feel.


The fear paralyses you and so you stay a bit longer and try to work even harder at making things work. In a weird way, it's easier to stay.

But the niggling comes back even more forceful, like a churning, whirling, nervous, sicky feeling in your stomach you just can are annoyed at yourself as deep down you know you are giving away your power to someone who doesn't appreciate it or want it.


Anyway, you have been told often enough how useless you are, not good enough, pretty enough, clever enough, you wouldn't be able to survive on your own, you have young babies, so you must stay.


The fear takes a grip on us and makes you feel like everything is too hard to face.


Then one day, the Universe has enough of your indecision and tooing and frooing and takes matters into its own hands.


The event is, jarring and although it seems, hideous and totally unfair at the time, serves its purpose, you finally step out of victim mode and you leave.


This is when the magic starts to happen, something inside you starts to grow like a powerful force you find reserves of energy and strength you didn't know you had.

When you push past the fear you will be amazed at how resourceful you can be, you learn to fly!


It feels exciting and liberating to stand on your own two feet and you realise you aren't going to shrivel up and die, you can do anything you want to, the rest of your life is up to you!


The churning, nervous feeling in your stomach is replaced by butterflies of excitement as you start to think for yourself, dress the way you want, do your hair the way you want, get a job to support yourself and find a safe, new home for you and your children.


When you step away from toxic, negative people and set your mind to something and have a burning need to do it, you can move mountains.


All the material trappings mean nothing compared to your freedom and it's important you learn how to support yourself and believe in yourself enough to know that you can.


Each of us has unlimited power inside of us, you have to claim it and begin healing and transforming your life.


Learning to love and honour yourself if the greatest gift of all. If you don't, how can you expect anyone else to?


I am here to tell you, you have strength, determination and resilience, I have walked that path and survived.


This kind of relationship with yourself also spills over to every area of your life whether it be a personal or romantic relationship, money or work... It's not the outside influences that need to change it's what's inside you that needs to change.


This can be a bitter pill to swallow, initially, but once you the magic happen!


Try this mantra,

"I am whole. I know my personal power and use it as a force for good in all life."


If you would like help with setting boundaries, working on reclaiming your dignity, honour or integrity, become healthy, empowered and successful, I have a breakthrough offer which may be of interest to you.

Click on the link to find out more;


Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire is delighted to be shortlisted for The Talk of Manchester Business Awards 2018!

Posted on 27 September, 2018 at 15:05 Comments comments (0)

Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire is over the moon to have been shortlisted for an award in The Talk of Manchester Awards 2018!

We’ve been nominated, by our delightful clients, in not one but two categories; Best Health, Beauty & Wellbeing Company and also Best Newcomer and we really need your help!

The Award’s result depends on how many people vote for us so please do click on the link below to vote for voting for us would really raise our reputation as the top Wellbeing Company.Voting will just take two minutes of your time. Once you click on the link...


or the direct form link


Enter your name and email and then Scroll to Categories 26 & 31 (near the bottom of the page) and select Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire.

That’s all there is to it, find us and vote!

And please don’t forget voting closes at 5pm on Friday 12th October.

We are always so grateful to be nominated for awards like Outstanding Holistic Therapist in The Centre of Excellence Awards, which we won last year, this one is especially close to our hearts because we aim to be Manchester’s Wellbeing company.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help us. This means such a lot to us and we really appreciate you taking the time to vote.

Thanks again and please share the love & spread the word so as a result, we can get as many votes as possible!

Love & Light,