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Here at Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire, in Bramhall.  I will update this page with the latest details about the various developments and evolving treatments I am undertaking. I will also upload posts about my loyal clients and talk about the benefits they have received from my healing Reiki energy, EFT and fertility services.

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Please Vote For Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire In The Talk Of Manchester Business Awards 2019!

Posted on 17 October, 2019 at 15:45 Comments comments (0)

Lovelies! I have BIG news!


I am thrilled to have been nominated (thank you whoever it was) for Best Health, Beauty & Wellbeing Company for the second year running, in The Talk of Manchester Business Awards!


I am in category no 26 and I am up against multi-million pound companies who have investors and backers, which makes this all the more special, as I am well, just me.


The winner is the company with the most votes!


So please, please, please help me win by voting for Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire!


Voting is open until Monday, so be sure to vote asap!

It only takes a few seconds - all you need to do is enter your name, email and tick Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire in category 26 (scroll to the bottom).


Please click here to vote :)


Thank you so much



Sleep Is Your Superpower

Posted on 17 October, 2019 at 5:45 Comments comments (0)

Top tips for a great nights sleep taken from Matt Walker’s Ted Talk

My clients come to me for three main reasons; sleep challenges, anxiety & no life purpose.


Your late nights and early mornings have way more consequences for your health and memory than you think.

Did you know if you only get 6 hours sleep a night, for just one week, it has an affect on your genes? 

Studies show a sizeable distortion in over 700 gene activity caused by lack of sleep 

Half of the genes increased in their activity (associated with tumor growth, long term chronic inflammation, stress & cardiovascular disease) 

Clients ask me how do I get a better nights sleep? 


It’s a delicate Balance;

Only use the bedroom for sleep

No electronics in the bedroom


I wear a sleep mask to block out any light sources

I put 2 drops each of Lavender & Jasmine oil in my bath 90mins before bed

I drink Pukka Cacao Maca Latte Magic made with cashew nut milk & take2 x serenity capsules.


I diffuse breathe blend in my bedroom before sleep

Go to bed at same time every single day no matter what (For me it’s 10pm as I rise at 5.45 naturally)

Keep your bedroom cool (around 18 degrees)

Listen to my fall asleep fast meditation as you are going to sleep you can download it here

Get regular distance or hands on Reiki treatments to balance too energy and help you sleep better. My clients personal feedback is that 90mins of Reiki is the equivalent to 4/6hours sleep. You can find out more here.

Sleep is your superpower 

Watch Matt Walker's full TED Talk here

What’s your favourite sleep tip, lovelies?

Setting Intentions For The Week Ahead

Posted on 12 August, 2019 at 6:55 Comments comments (0)

"Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day & the rest will fall into place" - Unknown.


On Sunday evenings, I sit and set my intentions for the week ahead, as part of my self-care routine.

First of all, I do this by taking 10/15 minutes to go within and meditate to calm and clear the mind.

Then I ask myself:

How will I look after my body? (e.g. nourishing foods, yoga, water).


How often will I connect to my source? (Meditation, journaling, affirmations).

How will I best serve my family, clients, team & the world? (e.g. positivity, inspiration, compassion).

How will I practise self-care? (e.g. Reiki, EFT, essential oils).


How will I set clear energetic boundaries and maintain them?


How will I spread my positive vibes out to the world? (e.g. clear communication & consistency).

How will I take positive steps to expand my business every single day? (e.g. social media, email marketing, asking for referrals, events, networking).


I then plan everything out in my Carrie & Co. planner.


I'm a very visual person, and I love to see everything laid out in front of me.

Setting the intention & dedicating time to each practice helps me complete them.

Let me know one intention you are going to set today to focus on this week?



Anxiety & Sleep Support

Posted on 11 August, 2019 at 8:55 Comments comments (0)

Did you know my clients come to me for help with 3 main reasons? Sleep, Anxiety & Finding their True Life Purpose.

In fact, these three all go hand in hand. If you can't sleep, you feel anxious, and then you are less likely to be goal orientated.

Have you ever had a couple of nights where your sleep pattern has been broken?

Do you remember how you felt the next day?

Imagine how you would feel if you hadn't slept properly for whole weeks, month or even years?


Sleep doesn't exist to just pass the time or to keep us from working 24 hours a day. Sleep is vital because it is inherently physically and mentally healing, and it allows for our bodies to not only recoup from the stress of everyday life but also to recharge and refocus.


When I was working in Corporate and in my highest periods of stress; my sleep patterns were all over the place. I was left feeling tired, weary, irritable and anxious. I was no-where near on my A-Game!


To relieve occasional sleeplessness, I take doTERRA Serenity Softgels. The softgels contain a combination of Lavender essential oil, L-theanine (an amino acid found in green tea), and plant extracts including lemon balm, passionflower, and german chamomile.


L-theanine specifically has been shown to improve sleep efficiency, which means the amount of time you are asleep.


I take 2 Serenity Softgels with my nighttime Pukka Cacao Macca Latte Magic drink before bed and then I tend to drift off mid-meditation!


To further support anxious feelings, I also want to tell you about Peace Touch Roller. This blend of earthy and grounding oils is a little magic chill out session in a bottle and was my saviour throughout my divorce hearings last year.


doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack can also be helpful. Experimental research findings indicate that after daily supplementation with these three products for two months, subjects reported more mental clarity, energy, motivation, control, balance, and happiness.

Email me for for further advice and how to purchase [email protected]


Share this with someone with anxiety that could use these tips!


What to do when you wake up feeling like the walking dead!

Posted on 31 July, 2019 at 9:15 Comments comments (3)

Anyone else woken up like the walking dead today?! Wow! What a spectacular show the sky put on last night?! The girls and I were very excited to be woken up to watch the thunder and lightning!


I then fell back into the deepest sleep listening to the heavy rain lash down.


However, the rain was so big and ploppy (it's the only way to describe it LOL!) I had to shut my bedroom window, and I think I got too hot and fell in a very deep sleep.


So this morning I thought I would share with you my top tips for waking up when I feel like the walking dead: - 4 gallons of coffee LOL

- A cold shower

- A full dosage of Lifelong Vitality Supplements

- Inhale Peppermint oil and also rub it on the back of my neck.

- Diffuse Citrus Bliss & Motivate

- Make my bed (to stop me crawling back in it!) Out of curiosity, do you make your bed each day?


Will you go further than the crowd?

Posted on 31 July, 2019 at 9:05 Comments comments (0)

"The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.

I love this quote by Albert Einstein.

As an introvert I have always enjoyed solitude.

People are often amazed when I say I’m an introvert as they say I’m confident or a social butterfly.

I think confidence and introversion are different things.

When I was little I used to get so anxious before going to parties; I used to sit and cry on the couch, clutching the gift.

I still feel painfully anxious when I walk into places on my own nowadays.

Yes, once I get going I can talk to anyone!


I struggle in large crowds of people, and I feel the need to “recharge” by being alone for a while afterwards.


I think this is why I love getting up early in the morning, it’s so quiet and peaceful and I can meditate and get on with my personal development.


Are you an introvert or extrovert or a bit of both?

Are you afraid to ask for help?

Posted on 31 July, 2019 at 8:55 Comments comments (0)

Because of my past, I thought I had to do everything myself to prove I was some Superwoman (or actually to show I wasn't who other people said I was).

I was afraid to ask for help; I saw it as a sign of weakness.

I had massive fear I would be judged; For someone with low-self esteem already, its paralysing.


I wasted so much time sitting at home, alone, crying because I was too scared to admit I didn't know what I was doing or where I was going.


The truth is, I don't want to be Superwoman!

I want to be the best version of me!

At first, it was uncomfortable to ask for help.


Then it got to the point where I had to the benefits office and beg for help to feed my babies and put a roof over our heads (which took months to go through).


When you have nothing, and at rock bottom, pride flies out the window!


I think the lowest point was having to ask the next-door neighbour for their leftovers so I could feed the kids.


But this was a great life lesson for me.


It's ok to ask for help! Thank goodness I swallowed my pride!


I'm so grateful for the help getting me back on my feet.


I went to the doctor; he offered me antidepressants (which I refused) and counselling. I was assigned an Outreach Worker and was enrolled in the Freedom Program.

The police put a marker on my home.


This support made me feel so much more positive, confident and safe.


Sometime later, after EFT & Reiki came into my life, I got a job and restarted my career.


In my professional life, shortly after I started my business, I joined the Female Entrepreneur Association. It's the best decision I ever made.


Inside that group, it's a safe, non-judgmental platform where it's ok to ask for help.


In fact, they actively encourage you to ask for help.


In asking for help, I have grown massively as a person (personally and professionally over the last 2.5 years, possibly more than the past ten).

I am a better mother, leader and student.


My goal nowadays is to ask for help as much as is humanly possible but also to encourage others to do the same.

Asking for help has allowed me to feel free to live my life once more while staying calm and confident, so please feel free to ask me to show you how to do the same.


If you have something to ask me around sleep, anxiety, mindset, goal setting or life purpose," target="_blank">please book here. I'm here to help!

Have you ever wondered what I do all day as a Wellbeing Coach?

Posted on 31 July, 2019 at 8:45 Comments comments (0)

Have you ever wondered what I do all day as a Wellbeing Coach?

Welcome to the club - join my mother!


Here's a glimpse into my agenda:

Emails. Bespoke Plans. Coaching Calls.

There's just something about the work I do that fills me with passion an drive!

I have worked my a** off to get to where I am now.


I think I inherited this trait from my Father who eats, sleeps and breathes Dentistry.

I have the same passion for teaching women how to set goals and find their life purpose.


If you want to find out what else I get up to; head to my IG stories to catch a glimpse of what else fuels me. 

Say no to others, and say yes to your self-care.

Posted on 10 July, 2019 at 9:40 Comments comments (0)

Say no to others, and say yes to your self-care.


Learning to say no is really hard; many of us feel we have to say yes when someone asks for our time or energy.


I see this energy a lot with my clients around their solar plexus chakra.


In the past, I also found it hard to say no.


I was a people pleaser. I thought if I said yes to everyone and did everything they wanted, they would love me more.


However, this only led to burnout, anxiety, and irritability, no matter what I did, they wanted more.


No one was happy least of all me.


In the end, this manifested physically in me as gastritis.


When you say yes when you really mean no, you are giving your power away to others, which will eventually drain you.


Now, you won't often hear me saying this, but my mother once said some sage words to me, which I now use with my clients (but don't tell her I told you lol!).


She taught me that "No" is not a dirty word.


You can politely learn to say no and stay within your own power.


Respond instead of reacting on autopilot.


It's easier over text message to be fair as you don't have to respond immediately. Slightly more challenging in person, but still doable with practice.


This is what I do:

-When you receive the request, I want you to pause.

-Check in with your solar plexus (tummy area just below the chest and above the navel)

-Notice how your energy feels

- Does it feel pleasant and calm or excited

- Or does it feel nervous/churning/sickly/knotty or like you've been kicked there?

- Base your response on how your energy is feeling

-If it feels good - say yes

- if it doesn't don't.


Also, think about how by helping others this will impact on your own schedule, be realistic and honest.


It's ok to say no!



PS I would love to know, do you listen to your gut?

Are You Worthy?

Posted on 2 July, 2019 at 11:15 Comments comments (0)

Do you feel you are worthy? 


For a long time, I didn’t have any respect for myself and didn’t feel worthy of anything, but as I started to go further down my healing journey the more, I became comfortable in my own skin. 

Worthiness isn’t an outside job; it’s an inside one. 

I started to study and learn about self-worth and created a mini blueprint for my life, which I now teach my daughters and clients, and I want to share it with you today.


1. Just Be

2. Belong

3. Believe

4. Benevolence

Be happy with who you are and take personal responsibility for your life. I have learnt to be grateful for my whole journey, warts and all and be even more grateful for where I have ended up and lessons I was taught along the way. 


I always felt like I didn’t fit in and was told I was weird at school. I’m so grateful for social media, as it has opened up the world to me. I have found groups, where I can show up as my self and be accepted for who I am, where I am welcomed and belong. As an introvert these groups allow me to dip in and out as I choose, no judgement. 


Believing not just in myself, but in the greater good. Having the utmost faith when times are bad (and you can’t see the wood for the trees) that everything is happening exactly as it is meant to, at the right time. My own inner beliefs are values, integrity, honesty, compassion and respect, to name a few. 


Benevolence isn’t just about giving money to charity to me,(although I am so grateful I am now in a position to do that) it goes back to some of my values above. It’s about treating each other with kindness and compassion, coming from the heart rather than what you hope to receive in return.

When I had literally nothing and had no money to give, I would give my time instead to those who needed it. I remember sitting night after night with a lovely old lady just talking to her, giving her some attention and listening to her stories. 

What small steps can yo take today to increase you worthiness?