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My Wellbeing Tips for Exam time!

Posted on 20 May, 2019 at 4:15 Comments comments (0)

Good luck to everyone starting their exams today!

Charlotte and her friends start their year 9 summer exams; today she has music & biology.

I have clients commencing their A-Levels today too.



Stay calm. My daughter and her friends have all gone armed with little bottles of essential oils today to their exams, to help alleviate various feelings and to keep them peaceful, motivated and focussed!

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You’ve heard me say it before many times!


Answer all the questions, even if you aren’t sure on the answer.


One I used to slip up on... read the question properly! Make sure you are answering what they have asked for, not what you think it says.


Keep an eye on the time ... I used to get lost in answering essay questions... I love writing novels for hours and hours on end... not so good if you only have 30 minutes left of the exam! Make sure you get all your relevant points across in a clear, concise and timely manner. Enjoy your exams... exams are a marker for all the knowledge you have learnt over the past few years. The more relaxed you can be the, it will be to recall everything you have been taught.


In our house, we used colour coded mind maps; the girls visualise the mind maps in their heads during exams and can recall big chunks of information this way.


Another technique Charlotte finds particularly useful; if she feels fear, anxiety or frustration rising is to take a moment and come back to the breath. She closes her eyes just for less than a minute and imagines herself walking down a path by the side of a river. She crosses the river to the right and goes into her dream home. Inside the house is a library, and all her books and teachers are waiting inside. She then goes up to the relevant teacher and asks them the question, and they give her the answer or show it to her in a book. Sometimes she may have to do this a few times before she gets the response. Calming the mind allows her to more easily access the information stored in her subconscious mind.


If you do feel the panic rising, remember to use the eft techniques I have taught you. In an exam, stay with taping on the side of the hand and gently and quietly so as not to disturb the other candidates.


Believe in yourself and finally... do your best.

That’s all anyone can ask!


I am sending you love & light & positive vibes!

The Law of Attraction in Action!

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Something really exciting happened to me yesterday!

I have been following a lady called Lilli Badcock for some time now, she has the most incredible, infectious energy and reduces her anxiety (and others) through singing therapy. 

We are both members of the Female Entrepreneur Association Group and whilst I was sitting here, yesterday, planning my my social media for the year a message popped up in the group from Lilli asking for help.

Lilli’s podcast is full for the whole year, but due to and error in time difference between us and the guest in the US, a slot had just become available! I just love the Law of Attraction in action!

I replied instantly along with some other lovely ladies, and Lilli picked me!!!

So if you would like to hear my interview on iTunes (!!!) please click on the link below 


There are lots of free goodies in the show let’s for you too...

Please let comment below and let me know if you enjoyed it and also you have tried any of my top tips for reducing the January Blues!

Please kindly share with anyone you may think it may be of use to...


Ps I am not on commission, but I am using the very fabulous Social Media Diary from Janet Murray and it is taking the overwhelm and stress out of my social media (which had got to be a good thing!)

Here is a link if it something which will help you ��

The Heart Centered Entrepreneur Podcast Interview

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This afternoon I was thrilled to be interviewed by Melanie McCaw for her Heart Centered Entrepreneur Podcast Show. 

Melanie is a Heartcentred Transformational Coach. She says on her website "I know what it's like to do work that you aren't passionate about. To wake up each morning dreading going in to your corporate job." I'm sure there are a more than afew of you out there who can resonate with this?!

Melanie asked me about how I came to start my Holistic Practice, and I gave her the story, warts and all!

You can listen to the podcast here.

You may also want to sign up to her 10-day journal your dreams life into reality challenge here. I'm going to give it a go from Monday.

I'm off to a Gabrielle Bernstein workshop in London tomorrow; I'll tell you all about it next week!

Have a wonderful weekend Blossoms!


Radio Debut!

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Last week I made my debut on Empire Radio, New York, talking about my holistic entrepreneurial journey, as part of their Wellbeing Week.

I was all up for it, until about 10 minutes before I went on air. I suddenly felt this fear creep up on me. It was hideous! My tummy began to churn, I felt sick and then I got a horrible, heavy feeling in my chest.

I did some tapping and managed to reduce my anxiety a little, but you could hear how nervous I was at the beginning of the show. LOL.

However, after a few minutes, I found my rhythm and then the host couldn't shut me up!

I ended up really enjoying the experience and felt a bit silly afterward for feeling so nervous beforehand!

Below is a summary of the interview:

EFT or tapping is a bit like acupuncture without the needles, by tapping on certain acupressure points it promotes emotional health by inputting kinetic energy into the meridians.


EFT can be used for so many things such as getting rid of negative emotions, reducing pain to helping to create positive goals. 

Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act.

When you are stressed, anxious or upset your body reacts in a way that might tell you something isn't right.

When I first sought out EFT I had made the brave decision to leave my marriage. However, I found that whenever I thought about the village associated with my marriage, I felt uneasy. These feelings began to spiral out of control.


I got to a point where I was unable to drive through the village, then unable to even think about it without shaking or being physically sick. I even had a panic attack in the middle of Tesco's (which I thought was a heart attack).


For some reason, I had attached stories, thoughts, and feelings to the village and was making myself ill.


My parents recommended me to an EFT Master for treatment. This lady taught me how to tap away my worries and concerns and replace them with more positive nurturing ones.


The emotions I had attached to the village disappeared. I finally let go. EFT helped me acknowledge the issue and accept it for what it was.


I was so thrilled with my new found freedom; I went on to train to become a Practitioner myself and study mindfulness.


I use EFT myself on a daily basis and also on my children to help them deal with day to day issues.


In my Practice, I have had excellent results with clients, generally in short space of time. One of the greatest rewards is seeing client arrive for their appointment in one emotional state and leave relaxed, more positive and with a smile on their face.

If you would like to learn more about EFT please feel free to contact me on 07736314197 or book an appointment here.

I Love Bramhall I LOVE Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire!

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I have some very exciting news to share this week!

I have been featured on I Love!


Wendy Green and her team have written a fabulous article about me, and you can read it by clicking on the link below:

I LOVE Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire

I would love to know your thoughts on the article, so please leave a comment under this blog.


If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected] or to book an appointment, please

click here.

If you would like to receive tips, techniques, advice and freebies, please sign up to my mailing list. (You won't be bombarded I promise).

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Do you have a fear of flying? EFT can help give you your freedom back.

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I have noticed an increase in the percentage of people who fear travelling on a plane. Mainly, to me to overcome their fear of being out of control, trapped or the plane being unsafe.


At one end of the scale, for some this fear is so real, they avoid travelling, and even talking about it can produce physical reactions, sweating, stomachache, nausea and headaches.


At the other end of the scale, people will travel by plane, although the experience is very unpleasant and merely a means to an end to get to their destination.



One of my favourite therapies I offer, at Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a non-invasive, mind/body tool that may remove physical and emotional blocks from your energy system with nothing more than your fingers and intention to feel better.


It may be the simplest, fastest ways to heal from almost any kind of trauma, whether it happened yesterday or 50 years ago.


EFT is so easy to learn and apply, gentle, forgiving and non-judgemental. It can be adapted to any situation and can be taught to children and adults alike.


I love seeing a client, who arrived at the beginning of their session very stressed, leaving relaxed with a smile on their face.


While results can sometimes take time with EFT, it is possible to get immediate and long-lasting relief from phobias, anxiety, stress, physical pain and allergies. It is best described as "acupuncture without needles."


I have treated clients where in just a couple of sessions the fear of flying is tapped away, leaving them free to enjoy their travels.


We have all experienced past events, a trauma of some sort and these can lead to anxiety and intense feelings which we carry through our whole lives. However, I can help you let go of this.


What to expect from your first EFT session:


We begin with a free consultation, which can be carried out face to face, over the phone or via Skype.


This consultation covers your general health and wellbeing, your primary concerns, any symptoms you may experience, any areas you would like improvement in and also what you would like to accomplish with this treatment.


I will then fully explain how EFT can help you.


We will perform some breathing techniques and visualisation to centre you and make you feel safe.


As we begin, you may feel your anxiety is high, as you safely imagine flying. We will then tap through this trauma until you are able comfortably to imagine taking a whole flight without feeling stressed.


I will also teach you how to tap yourself should the need arise before, during of after taking a flight. (e.g. if any turbulence occurs in-flight you can tap yourself).



I recently volunteered in a charity fashion show. I had no fears at all until I was about to go on stage. My heart started pounding, I was shaking, and my adrenaline was pumping.

As I waited to go up the steps, I tapped myself on the side of my hand, my stress levels dropped, and I was free to enjoy taking part in the show, and it was great fun!