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The Law of Attraction in Action!

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Something really exciting happened to me yesterday!

I have been following a lady called Lilli Badcock for some time now, she has the most incredible, infectious energy and reduces her anxiety (and others) through singing therapy. 

We are both members of the Female Entrepreneur Association Group and whilst I was sitting here, yesterday, planning my my social media for the year a message popped up in the group from Lilli asking for help.

Lilli’s podcast is full for the whole year, but due to and error in time difference between us and the guest in the US, a slot had just become available! I just love the Law of Attraction in action!

I replied instantly along with some other lovely ladies, and Lilli picked me!!!

So if you would like to hear my interview on iTunes (!!!) please click on the link below 


There are lots of free goodies in the show let’s for you too...

Please let comment below and let me know if you enjoyed it and also you have tried any of my top tips for reducing the January Blues!

Please kindly share with anyone you may think it may be of use to...


Ps I am not on commission, but I am using the very fabulous Social Media Diary from Janet Murray and it is taking the overwhelm and stress out of my social media (which had got to be a good thing!)

Here is a link if it something which will help you ��

Santa is coming to town!

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I feel a bit like Santa! Today I have been delivering little gifts of wellbeing.


The gift bags include information on Reiki, two samples of essential oils and a sample of natural toothpaste too.

Are you ready to explore new ways to lead your lifestyle, boost your health and create a natural, non-toxic environment at home and your workplace?


Perhaps you are interested in the followings:

-How to deal with stress/ anxiety and sleeplessness the natural way.

-How to care for your family's health and immune system organically.

-How to detoxify your life- solutions for a strong, healthy mind and body.

Please email me with your top 3 health concerns for you or your family to [email protected], and I will respond asap.

Merry Christmas x

You're fired!

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Exactly one year ago, I had just been dismissed from my fantastic new job, after only 8 months.

I was devastated, distraught and I remember feeling lost and totally panicked.

As someone who likes to be in control of their life (due to previous past experiences) this event rocked me to the core.

Right about now I had now I had absolutely no desire to get out of bed and face the world.

However, I had to as I have two daughters who needed taking to school, so I got up and carried on as usual, even though I felt like I was walking around in a fog.


Whilst the girls were at school I sat at home and cried. After about a week of mourning and getting fed up of a headache which accompanied it, I felt strong enough to meditate.


The days before I had just wanted to sit and wallow in my own self-pity and had quite enjoyed hiding out under my covers if I'm honest, telling my self I deserved it after working flat out for the past 4 years.


One of the best moments during this time was that I went and collected my children from school at the usual school day end of 3.45pm. I had never done this before; our typical collection time was 6 pm or after. The look of delight on the girl's faces was one I'll always remember, and in the car, I heard my youngest say, "I love having my mummy back."


My eldest was now at senior school and the youngest in year 5. It hit me how much of their formative years I had missed either working or at home but with my head in my laptop or on the phone, not giving them the full attention they so rightly deserve. It was time for me pick myself up, dust myself off and to be there for them. It was time to focus on what really matters.


So I took the first step to recovery and meditated for 15 minutes, I felt so much better afterward I was inspired to take better care of myself and committed to begin journalling every morning, do some yoga or go for a walk and get back on track.


As another few days past I looked at my home and set about de-cluttering which empowered me to gain more energy, space, and clarity. I gave a lot of our stuff to charity which was cathartic.


With each passing day, I felt stronger and stronger until one day I had to face what I was going to do about my job situation. My final paycheck would last me about 3/4 months which bought me some time. The easy solution was to go back into project management. I loved the job, but it was a mega amount of stress and seriously long hours, I was a 41-year-old single mum, and I had said more than once this job was for a younger, person with no outside work committments.


So, if not project management, what next? I didn't have a clue, but suddenly I felt excited. I had a blank page in front of me; I realised I could anything I wanted! I now had time to sit and dream about my future instead of stumbling from day to day on a reoccurring treadmill, feeling numb and not experiencing life.


Then the questions came rushing into my head. What do I love? Can I do it for a living? What can I do for a living that I love and will pay the bills? How do I go about setting up a business in that sector?


I began to mind map all the things I loved to do and hadn't had the time to do, along with things I liked to do a child such as painting and getting creative. I wrote down my strengths and weaknesses and could feel the beginnings of a plan coming together.


I created a vision board and set myself goals and hung them up in my kitchen to see every day; I hadn't had this much fun in ages!


My greatest passions are meditating, Reiki, EFT, yoga, spirituality and helping people. Funnily enough, in a senior management training course my previous employer had sent me on, we did an exercise around where we saw ourselves in 5 years time. My result was that I would be doing Reiki for a living. I realised the Universe had conspired to make this a reality.


Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire was born, my Practice is a place of peace, calm and serenity and all I can tell you is the past 12 months have been the most rewr interesting, challenging, exciting, incredible months I have had in years.


Now I have built my foundations I am now fired up and planning the next 12 months!


This morning, I started my week off with a hot yoga session at Yogalife. My teacher, Lucy, told us a quote form Zayn Malik, which prompted me to write this blog.


I hope you find my story helpful and hopefully inspirational. Sometimes we feel stuck and don't know how to move forward. If I can change my life, you can too.


I offer one-to-one coaching, workshops and holistic treatments to help you create fulfilling personal and professional lives.

You can get in touch with me on mu mobile 07736314197 or via email [email protected] or to book an appointment click here.

Love and Light.

My first two Classes

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A few weeks ago I held my first Essential Oils Lifestyle Class for my family and friends.

I wanted to share the incredible oils I had recently found. I am always looking for ways to add value to my treatments and customers and these oils fit in perfectly with my Practice.

I had also been looking for alternative treatments to medicate myself and my family, before reaching for Paracetamol, Calpol, etc. as a first instance. Using essential oils can be safe, natural option to protect and maintain your family's health


My dear friend Rebecca directed me to these therapeutic grade essential oils. She was enthused by these oils as they can be administered aromatically, topically AND internally.


These oils are pure and natural, with aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants. They are free from fillers or artificial ingredients; there is no dilution of active qualities and free of contaminants, pesticides, or chemical residues. Everything you would naturally expect from an essential oil.

I hosted the classes with the very lovely Simone Quinn-Dixon from Cheshire Beauty, who has been a trained aromatherapist for the past 25 years. Simone has been using these special oils for any years and is an advocate for the brand.

The first class was extremely well received, as was the second. It was a fun, relaxed evening, with people not wanting to go home!


I faced my fears before the first class and posted my first ever Facebook live - Cringe! 

I am astounded and thrilled 1.8k people watched it! If you would like to look at it, you can check it out over on my Facebook page here.

Class Structure:

I began with a brief introduction to myself and my business, how I use essential oils within my treatments, followed by background on the essential oils company and then detailed information about the ten most popular oils while sharing them with the class.


Drinks & Nibbles:

We enjoyed adding zesty, grapefruit oil to their glass of prosseco, for a slightly "healthier" variation!


For the first two classes, we served sushi and dim sum.

This week's class is taking on a Spanish theme! For a taste of summer sunshine, we will be serving Sangria, Spanish tapas and Creme Catalan and show you how to use the oils in cooking, which is really exciting.


Book this Class:

This class is for you if you are ready to explore new ways to lead your lifestyle, boost your health and create a natural, non-toxic environment at home and your workplace.


There a few space left for this class. To book your place, click here.


I hope to see you in Class!


Aromatherapy Awareness Week

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Now I think you may have realised over the past few weeks, just how much I love aromatherapy!

This week is aromatherapy awareness week, so I thought I would tell you a little about why I am so interested in it.

I was first introduced to it when I was about ten years old, by my Father who is a Dentist.

He has always had a keen interest in homoeopathy and aromatherapy.

My brother and I were taught to perform steam inhalations with Eucalyptus or Frankincense oils when had colds or sinusitis. To use Lavender & Chamomile oils to relax before sleep or exams. Lemon oil for a boost etc. We have always been taught to use to alleviate various symptoms..

Recently, I realised every time my children feel a little "off" they are asking for paracetamol. While it has its place surely this cannot be healthy? It made me think about all the chemical products in my house and air fresheners with synthetic sprays...

What is the alternative?

We will turn back to nature and explore what pure, organic, therapeutic, food grade essential oils, plants, herbs and flowers has to offer in our everyday lifestyle.

 I for one am ready to explore new ways to lead my lifestyle, boost my health and create a natural, non-toxic environment at home and the workplace.

Lots of lovely people have been messaging me asking me to create another essential oils class, which I am really happy to do.

What type of class would you like?

- Essential Oils Lifestyle Class

- Emotional Wellbeing Class

- Healthy Child Lifestyle Class

- Spa Class or

- Natural Cleaning Class?

- Something else?

Let me know, and I'll get a date set up :)