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3 Steps to heal emotional pain with Jeanne Street

Posted on 20 November, 2017 at 14:10 Comments comments (0)


This week I am thrilled to have a guest blog from the lovely Jeanne Street. Jeanne has kindly offered to write a blog about Emotions and the Holiday/Festive Season. I hope you enjoy Jeanne's blog :)

Hello loves!


My name is Jeanne Street, Penelope and I met through a Female Entrepreneur group that we are both in. I am a Medium, Healer, and Author. I like to say that I am a Catholic girl in an Angel world! My work focuses on embodying the Holy Spirit and Divine compassion, gratitude, and love.


My love and pride are my BFF and devoted husband of 33+ years, my 4 children, daughter and son in law and what really melts my heart are my 4 grand-babies! Penelope so lovingly invited me to share some valuable tools for you to use during the upcoming holidays!


In the winter months just ahead and the Holiday season just beginning, you may find yourself like myself and many others in a whirlwind of emotions. The common thread of anxiety and depression both begin with fear.


These fears are often the triggered aftermaths of the unknown future and/ or your past life experiences, all tied together making for emotional turmoil. Change is one of the most difficult things to manage because of how it challenges your energy.


You can become feel emotional with feelings that don’t always make sense. Like many others going through challenging times of great shifts and change can leave you feeling depleted and unsure of how to find your joy.

I have found great comfort in utilizing the following 12 principles from my book The Goddess You during stressful times. You will also find that pairing them with a solid foundation of spirituality, faith, God, and prayer magnify how they miraculously transform your emotional state.


The Goddess You principles are:


Quieting the mind


Self Love


Changing Your Reactions


Energy Basics


Healing the Block


Let It Go


Chakra Basics

Healthy Wealthy & Wise


Help I've Lost My Balance


Mind, Body, Soul

Intuitive GiftedYou


Sometimes when you experience challenging times, you may feel as if there isn't anything that can help you through and you end up repeating an old pattern that no longer serves you.


You can also get stuck in playing the victim role of your life. These are fear-based patterns that end up hurting you far greater than the past event and/or person who caused you the initial pain.


For the Highly Sensitive Person who is acutely aware of energy, you must also become awaken to how fragile your body can be during times of emotional turmoil. These times are available to you for healing and for soul transformation.


Having valuable tools that will help you to take precautions in how you stay in a balanced emotional state will aide not only your physical body but also your mental clarity.


It is important to understand that you are here on earth to do the Soul work you are experiencing.The truth is my Goddess friend while no-one likes doing this work it is far more rewarding than you may realize in the moment.


Going it alone never feels good, and to be honest with you the fact is everyone wants to be loved and valued. The emotional damage that occurs in your life is what causes the separation from loves healing.


The Angels have shared with me that you and I, and all humans are all on the same playing field, with each having pains and sufferings and life lessons to learn. And, while it sounds so easy not to blame or look back at past events that Shmego (AKA fear) guy sneaks in the second your body feels low.


He awakens when the energy of the moment signals your body where the memory is being stored. This is known as an emotional trigger.

Here are 3 simple steps can put into practice when you experience emotional pain:


1.Stop, drop and pray.Pray for what you need in the moment.


2.Open your heart and connect to Divine source and compassion.


3. Surrender your feelings and emotions you are experiencing to the Divine without following them back in time.


The Angels say that even though you may not believe it, you ARE indeed strong enough to look your pain in the eye and learn the valuable lesson/ lessons that are being presented to you.


Your pain when healed, will open the path for you to stand in your authentic soul truths.


Be the brave Goddess you want to be!


Many Blessings and Happy Holidays


xx Jeanne Street


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