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Top 5 Tips for a better night's sleep:

Posted on 27 June, 2017 at 8:20 Comments comments (0)

-Do you long to sleep for a full 8 hours?

-Do you currently wake up during the night and lie there watching the clock until your alarm goes off?

-What would it mean for you to get a good night's sleep?


One of the main reasons clients book in with me for Reiki is because they have trouble sleeping.

I think most people have experienced this at one point or another.

For me it was when the babies woke up in the night, I would settle them back down, get back into bed and then lie there willing myself to fall back to sleep.

Other times, when I was a Project Manager, I would be exhausted to the point of tears, but lie there unable to go to sleep, for all the lists of thing I needed to do or remember to do.

Perhaps something would pop into my head which I hadn't included in a brief; it would worry me until I got out of bed and added it to the piece of work (even if this was at 2/3/4am).


I tried sleeping tablets, but they made me feel like a zombie the next day. What's the alternative?


It's well reported a regular bedtime routine should help, but what else can we do?


Here are my personal tried and tested Top 5 Tips for a better night's sleep:


1. Switch off electronic devices at least 2 hours before bed.

Before you say, "Dream on!" or laugh at me because you know you have seen me on Facebook late at night. Honestly, this helps.

A few weeks ago, I was up late working, excited about launching my new class. I had been on my laptop all day and was still on it at midnight. My eyes were stinging and sore, and I finally had to close the lid to my laptop. I was absolutely spent. However, to my great surprise, my eyes did not want to shut. They kept popping open. Very frustrating, believe me!!!

Then I remembered my Mother's words about not using your laptop before bedtime... It turns out my Mother was right... as usual :(


2. Drink a hot milky drink before bed.

When I was little, my Mother always used to give me warm milk before bed. I found it very comforting.

My bedtime drink is something I have carried on as an adult. However, instead of just the warm milk I now add a blend of Tumeric, Cumin, Ginger & Pepper, as this helps to soothe any inflammation in my tummy.

Sometimes, if my tummy is sore (due to gastritis), I have to swap to herbal tea instead (such as oat flower, lavender & lime flower).

Both work well for me.


3. Take a warm bath with essential oils

I love to have a bath before bed; you need to make sure it's not too hot though, as this can have an adverse effect.

I use my sleepytime essential oil bath salt in my bath, for a luxurious soak. If I'm feeling really indulgent, I turn the light off and light some candles. The soft lighting helps.

4. Keep a notebook by the bed

Some nights the thoughts in my head are going a million miles and hour and do not want to stop!

I have taken to keeping a notebook on my bedside table and writing down anything which is niggling me.

My thought process behind this is if I can get it out of my head onto paper hopefully I will sleep!


5. Self-Care

In our busy lives, we can often forget about looking after ourselves. I got to a point where I needed someone to hold my space to allow me to heal from the stress I had been going through.

This was how I found Reiki. The relief it gave me was the reason I went on to train to Reiki Master Level. I wanted to help others the way Reiki had helped me.


“All too often in today’s current fast paced living I see clients who are buckling under the stress created in everyday life, their energy has become blocked and unbalanced”.


Many of my clients come to me because they have trouble relaxing and sleeping, this has a knock-on effect in their daily lives. They report feeling anxious, depressed and unable to function properly.

During their Reiki treatment, they can relax and let me look after them for that hour.

Most fall asleep, and some even don't to leave at the end of their session!


I have recently collaborated with Zoe Oughton, from Relaxing Reflexology.

We are excited to announce our new treatment "Rei-Flexology"!


“We always want to find ways to delight our customers, and the combination of Reiki and Reflexology is the ultimate, new, total deep relaxation experience”.

Let us take you on a journey of deep relaxation not only to leave your feet feeling like you are walking on a cloud but also to massage your soul and nourish your energy centres (chakras).

Hopefully, a restful night's sleep will follow.

To find out more about Rei-Flexology and to book and appointment please click here: