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The Jumping Outside Of My Comfort Zone Competition

Posted on 12 January, 2018 at 0:05 Comments comments (0)

Hi Blossoms!

A quick post to let you know about a competition I am running over on Facebook.


I have enrolled in a personal development training course called Spark The Change, and this week my Mentor is pushing me right outside my comfort zone!


The challenge is to do a Facebook live, which are not a favourite of mine, I have to be honest, as my mind just goes completely blank as soon as I go live!


So I accepted this challenge, and then made my own decision to push myself even further, by recording a series of 4 FB lives on my Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire page this week!


Rules of the competition:

I will post videos as follows;

Tuesday - Lovely Lavender

Wednesday - Perfect Peppermint

Thursday - Luscious Lemon


On Friday night at 7 pm, the video with the most VIEWS is the winning post, and the winner will be drawn at random from people who have posted in the comments with their own experiences or asking for a recipe.

Sharing is not a requirement of the competition. However, it is very kind if you choose to do so, to benefit others with the information in the videos.

The winner will win one of my gorgeous goodies boxes from my Vision Board Workshop this coming Sunday and also an Introductory Essential Oils Kit containing lavender, peppermint and lemon essential oils. (No cash alternative will be given).


I am so excited to see which video you love the best!


Good Luck