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Are You Worthy?

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Do you feel you are worthy? 


For a long time, I didn’t have any respect for myself and didn’t feel worthy of anything, but as I started to go further down my healing journey the more, I became comfortable in my own skin. 

Worthiness isn’t an outside job; it’s an inside one. 

I started to study and learn about self-worth and created a mini blueprint for my life, which I now teach my daughters and clients, and I want to share it with you today.


1. Just Be

2. Belong

3. Believe

4. Benevolence

Be happy with who you are and take personal responsibility for your life. I have learnt to be grateful for my whole journey, warts and all and be even more grateful for where I have ended up and lessons I was taught along the way. 


I always felt like I didn’t fit in and was told I was weird at school. I’m so grateful for social media, as it has opened up the world to me. I have found groups, where I can show up as my self and be accepted for who I am, where I am welcomed and belong. As an introvert these groups allow me to dip in and out as I choose, no judgement. 


Believing not just in myself, but in the greater good. Having the utmost faith when times are bad (and you can’t see the wood for the trees) that everything is happening exactly as it is meant to, at the right time. My own inner beliefs are values, integrity, honesty, compassion and respect, to name a few. 


Benevolence isn’t just about giving money to charity to me,(although I am so grateful I am now in a position to do that) it goes back to some of my values above. It’s about treating each other with kindness and compassion, coming from the heart rather than what you hope to receive in return.

When I had literally nothing and had no money to give, I would give my time instead to those who needed it. I remember sitting night after night with a lovely old lady just talking to her, giving her some attention and listening to her stories. 

What small steps can yo take today to increase you worthiness?

Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire is delighted to be shortlisted for The Talk of Manchester Business Awards 2018!

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Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire is over the moon to have been shortlisted for an award in The Talk of Manchester Awards 2018!

We’ve been nominated, by our delightful clients, in not one but two categories; Best Health, Beauty & Wellbeing Company and also Best Newcomer and we really need your help!

The Award’s result depends on how many people vote for us so please do click on the link below to vote for voting for us would really raise our reputation as the top Wellbeing Company.Voting will just take two minutes of your time. Once you click on the link...


or the direct form link


Enter your name and email and then Scroll to Categories 26 & 31 (near the bottom of the page) and select Blossom Wellbeing Cheshire.

That’s all there is to it, find us and vote!

And please don’t forget voting closes at 5pm on Friday 12th October.

We are always so grateful to be nominated for awards like Outstanding Holistic Therapist in The Centre of Excellence Awards, which we won last year, this one is especially close to our hearts because we aim to be Manchester’s Wellbeing company.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help us. This means such a lot to us and we really appreciate you taking the time to vote.

Thanks again and please share the love & spread the word so as a result, we can get as many votes as possible!

Love & Light,


Will you help me create my podcast series?

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Hi Everyone,


I am creating some lovely, new, free content for you in the form of a wellbeing podcast series! I'm super excited about this!


I would love your help though please.


I have any idea of what I plan to create, however I would LOVE your input to check I'm in the right track?


If you will kindly take a few minutes completing this survey I will love you forever!

None of the questions are mandatory, however the more information you can provide the better the content and format the podcast will be :)

Love & Light,

Penelope xxx



Which is your favourite Winnie The Pooh quote?

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Today is Winnie the Pooh day! I loved my father reading me these books when I was a child and have enjoyed reading them to my own children.


I posted a quote on my Facebook page and then shared it with some local groups.


A few people posted back their own favourite Winnie the Pooh quotes, and I have collated them here.


Please look at them when you need inspiration or motivation.


I hope you like them as much as we do, I would love to know which is your favourite, please comment below.