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Radio Debut!

Posted on 3 September, 2017 at 6:55

Last week I made my debut on Empire Radio, New York, talking about my holistic entrepreneurial journey, as part of their Wellbeing Week.

I was all up for it, until about 10 minutes before I went on air. I suddenly felt this fear creep up on me. It was hideous! My tummy began to churn, I felt sick and then I got a horrible, heavy feeling in my chest.

I did some tapping and managed to reduce my anxiety a little, but you could hear how nervous I was at the beginning of the show. LOL.

However, after a few minutes, I found my rhythm and then the host couldn't shut me up!

I ended up really enjoying the experience and felt a bit silly afterward for feeling so nervous beforehand!

Below is a summary of the interview:

EFT or tapping is a bit like acupuncture without the needles, by tapping on certain acupressure points it promotes emotional health by inputting kinetic energy into the meridians.


EFT can be used for so many things such as getting rid of negative emotions, reducing pain to helping to create positive goals. 

Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act.

When you are stressed, anxious or upset your body reacts in a way that might tell you something isn't right.

When I first sought out EFT I had made the brave decision to leave my marriage. However, I found that whenever I thought about the village associated with my marriage, I felt uneasy. These feelings began to spiral out of control.


I got to a point where I was unable to drive through the village, then unable to even think about it without shaking or being physically sick. I even had a panic attack in the middle of Tesco's (which I thought was a heart attack).


For some reason, I had attached stories, thoughts, and feelings to the village and was making myself ill.


My parents recommended me to an EFT Master for treatment. This lady taught me how to tap away my worries and concerns and replace them with more positive nurturing ones.


The emotions I had attached to the village disappeared. I finally let go. EFT helped me acknowledge the issue and accept it for what it was.


I was so thrilled with my new found freedom; I went on to train to become a Practitioner myself and study mindfulness.


I use EFT myself on a daily basis and also on my children to help them deal with day to day issues.


In my Practice, I have had excellent results with clients, generally in short space of time. One of the greatest rewards is seeing client arrive for their appointment in one emotional state and leave relaxed, more positive and with a smile on their face.

If you would like to learn more about EFT please feel free to contact me on 07736314197 or book an appointment here.

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