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Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT stands for the Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a mind / body tool that clears physical and emotional blocks from your energy system with nothing more than your fingers and intention. It is one of the simplest, ways to heal from almost any kind of trauma, whether it happened yesterday or 50 years ago. EFT is so easy to learn and apply, it is non-invasive, gentle, forgiving and non-judgemental. It can be adapted to any situation and can be taught to children and adults alike.
The simplicity of EFT belies its effectiveness and speed. It often works where all other treatments have failed. Whilst results can sometimes take time with EFT, it is absolutely possible to get immediate and long lasting relief from even serious and intractable problems like phobias and PTSD.

How EFT can help you?

Emotional Freedom Technique is fantastic if you are feeling ‘stuck in a rut’ or stagnating with your life, if you have formed habits which no longer serve you anymore or just have low self -esteem or self-worth.

Our primitive brain may be very clever, however, it holds onto that fight or flight reflex, which as we grow older it doesn’t serve us anymore. An example may be that when we were 2 yrs old, we trod on a spider, it made us jump, it produced the emotion of fear. At 40, we still react that way when we see a spider. This fear response stays with us, we go into a cold sweat, scream, feel sick or just run away. We can't stop the reaction. 

Emotional Freedom Technique allows you to access your own healer and therefore beliefs, this allows new beliefs to be formed and new neural pathways to be formed, the negative imprint is replaced by a new positive one. 

I will help you access your own healing so you can release unwanted stress or trauma. We are integrated beings with the ability to access our own intuition.  We know that our brain has the capability to change neural pathways so I invite you to think about your own possibility to heal.

I am the only Accredited EFT Practitioner in the Bramhall and Prestbury area. You can find me listed here:

As part of my commitment to my clients I abide by a strict Code of Conduct and I commit to and acquire at least 30 hours of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and Supervision a year.

Please note we never want to rush treatments and as a guideline we suggest a minimum of 3 initial appointments. 

It is impossible to suggest how many treatments will be required in total as each case is different.

Healing blockages with EFT