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Reclaim Your Energy: Reiki to Call Back Your Energy


In the whirlwind of life it's easy to feel like bits of our essence are left scattered in the hustle and bustle.


For empaths and those highly attuned to the energies around them, this dispersal can leave us feeling drained and disconnected from our core power.


That's why I've created a special pre-recorded Reiki healing session, "Reclaim Your Energy," designed to help you call back the pieces of your spirit that have been given away, knowingly or unknowingly.


This session is a gentle yet powerful journey back to your centre, guiding you to ground, recharge, and protect your vital energy.


What This Session Offers:

This 5-minute guided journey uses the principles of Reiki to call back your energy, guiding you through grounding exercises, setting powerful intentions, and visualising the rejuvenation of your chakras (energy centres).


It's a holistic approach to recharging your spirit and fortifying your energetic boundaries.


Perfect For:

  • Those feeling drained after engaging in high-energy environments or social interactions.
  • Empaths and sensitive individuals who absorb energies from their surroundings.
  • Those who still connected to others energy even after you have left them.
  • Those who can’t get other people out of their head.
  • Anyone seeking to feel more grounded, centred, and energetically whole.


Key Benefits:

  • Deep grounding and reconnection with your inner strength.
  • Replenishment of your vital energy and revitalisation of your chakras.
  • Enhanced energetic protection and a sense of completeness.


How to Use:

Find a peaceful spot where you can relax without interruptions.

Download the "Reclaim Your Essence" session, and let my voice lead you through the process of energetically regathering yourself.

This session is embedded with the healing intentions of Reiki, ensuring its effectiveness even through a digital format.

Rinse and repeat as often as you feel the need.


As my heartfelt offering to you, this session, "Reiki to Call Back Your Energy," is available as a complimentary download.

It's my contribution to spreading light and positive energy in our lives.


Embark on a journey of self-renewal and empowerment.


Download "Reclaim Your Essence" today and start the process of calling back your energy for a more balanced, energised you.

Reclaim Your Energy: Reiki to Call Back Your Energy Video

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